Property and Venue Photography

For marketing purposes great photographs help sell a venue. Some examples are shown below, with or without people enjoying the venue! I believe showing a venue in use helps give pictures context.

Whilst I have multiple flash heads, where possible I prefer to light predominantly with available daylight, using reflectors and then fill in flash, in that order to give the most natural looking pictures.

The Leica M digital rangefinder excels here as its sensor is not obscured by a blur  (Anti Alias) filter, as are most DSLR's and the lack of reflex mechanism allows the use of a super wide non retrofocus prime wide angle lens, that give distortion free images without resort to Photoshop corrections.



Caroline and I just wanted to thank you very much for the house photos last Saturday (and for drawing up the room plans). We've viewed the uploaded photos - the exposure / quality and direction is superb and they very nicely compliment the house's features. In short, we're extremely happy with them! (If you'd like to use this as a testimonial on your website, please feel free to do so!)

Best wishes,

Alun and Caroline